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Why Choose

Insight House?

Communication Japanese English staff

1. All communication is provided in English.

We have confidence in our English service. Insight House's staff has experience living abroad. Not only our staff can communicate in English, but we find happiness in working with foreign customers. 

If you have any questions regarding purchasing real estate or even out of curiosity, please feel free to inquiry us. 

2. We support you with construction & renovation.

Our construction division has knowledge and experience in constructing and renovating over hundred houses.

Some of our works include collaborating with designers, building custom made houses, and renovating into machiya style houses.

​Insight House is flexible to match your request.

house apartment construction renovation build
professional Kyoto Japan experience

3. We are professionals at Kyoto area.

It is always nice to know the surroundings of the real estate you are about to purchase. Because most of the staffs have experience living in Kyoto, we can provide information that only locals know. 

Feel free to ask us about shopping areas, transportation, schools, etc.

4. Easy access to Kyoto, Osaka, and Shiga.


​Our English available office is only about 5 minute walk from Yamashina Station. Yamashina Station has a very easy access with 3 train lines running (JR, Keihan, and Subway Tozai Line).

Also, you can directly go to Kyoto Station, Osaka Station, and major stations in Shiga without any transfers.

Kyoto Osaka Shiga transportation access
experience real estate industry years

5. Over 20 years of experience in the real estate industy.

We have established our company in Yamashina-ku, Kyoto-shi and has been supporting many customers since then. Hundreds of houses have been passed to customers through our hands in 20 years. 

We have also expanded our business overseas in recent years.

6. 1000+ real estate information in Kyoto


The real estate on this website is only a pinch of information that we hold. There are more than thousands of real estate on sale in current Kyoto, and we prefer to gave you those information face to face. 

We will work hard to find you the best matching home.

real estate information Kyoto Shiga
after additional services help

7. We support you with additional services.

Our work does not finish after concluding the contract.

We keep in contact with our clients after purchase and support them with any problems they have. We will help with even small problems or concerns you have. 

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