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1. Operation and Management

Real Estate Agency Insight House Co., Ltd. website (hereinafter “the Site”) is managed and operated by “Insight house Co., Ltd. ” (hereinafter “the Company”).

All rights related to management and operation belongs to the Company.

However, the Company shall not be held responsible to one’s damage (virus attack, system downtime, natural disaster, etc.)


Please read Terms of use (hereinafter “the Terms”) of the Site. By using the Site, you confirm that you have accepted the Terms and have responsibility for the usage. If you do not agree to the Terms, please do not access or use this website.


The Terms may revise anytime. Please check this page from time to time to notice the changes made.


2. Copyright

The information on the Site is protected by copyright law. Any act of modification, reproduction, etc. shall be prohibited.


3. Limitation of Liability

The Company will not take responsibility to any website users for any loss or damage through the usage of the Site. The Company is also not responsible for the other linking sites, which is completely independent from this Site.


4. Change of Content/Service Stop

The Site might change address and contents without a notice. The Company will not take any responsibility concerning the inconvenience and disadvantage caused by the service stop.


5. Malicious Act

If the Company discover any malicious act, the Company shall identify the user and take appropriate measure with cooperating companies and public institutions.


6. Prohibited Conduct

The following actions are prohibited when using the Site:

(1) Act to infringe the Company or third party’s property, privacy, etc., or any action connecting to the cause.

(2) Giving disadvantage or damage to the Company or third party, or any action connecting to the cause.

(3) Violating public order and standards of decency, or any action connecting to the cause.

(4) Criminal act or any action leading to criminal behavior, or any action connecting to the cause.

(5) False declaration, notification, or registration (such as registering another person’s e-mail address).

(6) Unauthorized operating activities, profit-making, or preparation towards the purpose without the Company’s approval.

(7) Defamation or discredit toward the Company or third party.

(8) Providing virus infected content, or any action connecting to the cause.

(9) Violating law, regulation, ordinance, morals, etc., or any action connecting to the cause.

(10) Any action which the Company consider inappropriate.


7. Personal Information

Please refer to the Site’s Privacy Policy.


8. Record of the Access Log

The Company will take record of the access log in order to analyze the sum of users and the Site. The information, which is to be recorded, will be domain name of the internet service provider. No individuals will be identified through the process.

The analysis of access log data will be used in order to improve the Site’s service, and not to be used for any other purposes.


9. Cookie

The Site uses Cookie to improve services.

Cookie is numbers of information which is sent to the website user’s hard disk in order for the website to hold record. Cookie will identify the website user’s computer, but not intended to identify the individual.

Most browsers have initial setting to receive Cookie. It is possible to change the setting of your computer so that it no longer receives Cookie. However, in that case, you may not be able to use full function of the Site.

Please refer to your browser’s manual for detailed explanation.


10. Privacy Policy of the Linked Websites

For the user’s convenience, the Site is linked to other websites. However, the privacy policy of the Site will not apply to the other websites.

Please contact to other websites for Private Policy.


11. Safety Measures

Database system held by the Company are carried out thoroughly to employees by providing various regulations concerning electronic information security management. The Company takes safety measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information and to prevent the risks of loss, alteration, and leakage of personal information.

In addition, the Company has adopted to SSL encrypted communication regarding personal information that the user submitted.


12. Operation of the Site

For any inquiries about the Site, please contact us.


Company Name: Insight House Co., Ltd.

Company Location: 92 Takehana Takenokaidocho, Yamashina-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto


Telephone Number: +81-75-501-5100

Fax Number: +81-75-501-5120

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