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Need help selling your property in Japan?


Insight House will help you sell your property in 3 different ways.



●When you want to sell your property, but do not know where to inquiry...

●If you want to sell the property at the highest price as possible...

We recommend you to sell your property by "intermediation".



☆You can sell your house under your satisfying condition.

☆Possible to start the sale while you are still occupying the property.

☆Sale information will be advertised in several ways to find purchaser.

  -Real Estate Information Network System (REINS)

  -Company website (English & Japanese)

  -Portal site (English & Japanese)

  -Office display

  -Open house



●If you are in a hurry to sell the property...

●If you want less trouble during sale process...

We recommend you to sell your property by "purchase".


☆Sale process will be quick since Insight House will purchase directly.

☆Commission fee will not be needed.

☆Property can be sold even if there are some difficulties.

☆Property can be handed over as it is. Old furniture can be left behind.

​☆Less chance of neighbors knowing about the property sale.



●If you want to change location...

●If you want a bigger/smaller house or apartment...

We recommend you to sell your property by "relocation".


☆Possible to sell and purchase even if you have remaining loan/mortgage.
​☆Insight House can help you with both transaction, so the process will be easy and quick.



Insight House will not enclose property information.

We will share your property information with other agencies using "Real Estate Information Network System (REINS)". REINS is a network database which all real estate agencies in Japan use. All the agencies use this database to introduce properties to their clients.

Listing your property on REINS will help you sell your property as quickly as possible.



Source of income for real estate agency is "commission fee".

The seller's agency will receive commission fee from the seller, and the purchaser's agency will receive commission fee from the purchaser. If the seller's agency finds purchaser, they will also receive commission fee from the purchaser.




Insight House will not take extra charge for advertising the selling property, unless there is a special request from the seller. ​Commission fee will be paid ONLY when the sales contract is concluded. Even if the seller decides to stop the sale after advertising, we will not request for incurred expenses.

Insight House will promise to give you sincere support.

There are real estate agency which enclose property information, or take extra charge without seller or purchaser knowing the fact. This often happens with agencies that has name value. 

We have confidence that we can give better support than any other agencies. We will always be sincere, and support you sell your property with the best possible condition. Please click contact to find out about our services.

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