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Taking care of property is always a conflict when living abroad. Insight House will look after your house/apartment while you are away. 

Second house management service is also available for owners who did not purchase property from Insight House.

Please feel free to inquiry us about the management service.

BAsic SERVICES (once a month)

​・Checking Post box:

   After collecting mails, we will throw away advertisements. A staff will report if there is any mail besides advertisement. Please visit our office to receive the preserved mails when coming to Japan.

​・Visual Confirmation:

   We will check if there is any damage to the house or sign of roof leakage.

​・Ventilation and Water Flow:

   We will open all windows and run water from all faucets.

​・Entrance Cleaning:

   We will do quick sweeping around the front entrance.  ※Weeding will be required in additional option.

​・Management Report:

   After finishing the service, a staff will send you a report document via email.

☆Emergency visit:

   We will make an emergency visit to your house/apartment when there is a natural disaster above or equal to seismic intensity 5 earthquake. (This will not be counted as a monthly visit, and no additional fee will be required.)

   The emergency visit will be made during the office hour, and only when safety is secured.


Additional options (additional fee required)

Selling property

​・House cleaning (from professional cleaning company)

・Vacuum cleaning

・Refurnish and renovation

Inquiring/contacting apartment management company or manager

​・Inquiring/contacting utility company

・Termite extermination


​・Additional monthly visit

Please inquiry for each fee. If you would like other services, please feel free to consult with us.​

basic SERVICE Fee (+ tax)



Kyoto City




※Above will be the basic fee. The monthly management fee will differ depending on house/apartment size and services.

​※Service fee has to be paid annually in lump sum. The service will start from the following month after payment confirmation has been made.

※Notification of management contract expiry will be sent 2 months before by email. If you are continuing the service, please make sure to confirm the payment a month before expiration date. 

​※If there is no car parking space, additional ¥1,000 will be required for each visit.

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