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Requiring Items and Fees

​At Contract Signing



1. Two types of identification documents (passport, driver's license, residence card, etc.)

2. Registered Personal Seal & Personal Seal Certificate

Personal seal must be registered in Japan. If you do not have one, signature can be in place.

3. Affidavit

An affidavit is a sworn statement of facts and circumstances as those facts and circumstances are known by the person giving the affidavit. It can be issued at Notary Public.

Affidavit much have the following content recorded


・Date of Birth

・Registered (Legal) Domicile

・Current Domicile

・Passport Number

・Confirmed in writing that there is no mistake in person

・Notary's Signature

・Individual's Signature



1. Deposit  (Down Payment)

To indicate buyer's intent and willingness to execute the agreement laid out by the seller. The deposit is approximately 10% of the property price and will also act as a guarantee deposit for penalties that may be incurred.

2. Interpreter Fee

Contract  signing will take place in Japanese ONLY and the documents ("Important Matters" and "Contract Document") will be written in Japanese ONLY. We ask for purchaser to hire an interpreter. It is important for a third party to interpret to the purchaser so act of injustice can be prevented.

If arranging interpreter is difficult, please inform us beforehand. We will help with arranging. 

3. Stamp Duty

Stamp will be needed for the contract signing documents. The price will differ according to the property price.


At Closing Meeting



1. Agent Commission Fee (Brokerage Fee)

3% of property price + 60,000 yen + consumption tax (10%)

※This is decided by "Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Act"

2. Judicial Scrivener Fee (Registration Fee)

Judicial scrivener will carry out the property registration procedure.

3. Balancing Payment of Real Estate Tax (prorate basis)

Real estate tax is calculated every year from April 1st. The purchaser will be charged to pay the real estate tax from the day of the closing day. 

4. Outstanding Balance of Property Price

The property price minus the deposit paid to the seller at the contract signing.

5. Fire and Earthquake Insurance (Optional)

​※For Apartment only※

6. Balancing Payment of Management and Maintenance Fee (prorate basis)


​After Purchase



1. Acquisition Tax (One time payment)

The judicial scrivener office will send you notification of real estate acquisition tax. It will be delivered after 3 to 6 months of closing meeting.

2. Real Estate Tax (Annually)

3. Neighborhood Association Fee (monthly or annually)

4. Management & Maintenance Fee (for apartment only, monthly)

The property price minus the deposit paid to the seller at the contract signing.

5. Others (depending on the property)

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