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What processes are required for foriegners to purchase real estate in Kyoto? 


A: Send inquiry→Property viewing→Purchase application form→Contract signing→Property handover.

Please ​see Purchasing Process for details.

A: Please see Requiring Items & Requiring Fees for details.

Is there anything specific to prepare for real estate purchasing?


A: Yes, purchaser will need to visit Kyoto a total of 3 times. For property viewing, contract signing, and property handover. 2~3 weeks will be required between contract signing and property handover.

If it is difficult, please inquiry.


Do purchaser need to visit Kyoto to purchase real estate?


Are all services provided in English?

A: Services will basically be provided in English, but there are exceptions. Contract and Important Matter documents will be written in Japanese ONLY. These documents will have to be interpreted by third person so you will have to hire an interpreter.


Do Insight House provide renovation services?

A: Yes, there is construction division in our company. They experts at building and renovating houses. English speaking staff will assist you during renovation process as well.


Do Insight House sell commercial properties to foreigners?

A: Commercial properties are basically not listed on our website, but we do sell commercial properties as well. Please inquiry for property information.


Will Insight House manage my house when I am away from Kyoto?

A: If we can manage your house or not will depend on the location. Please send us inquiry to find out the area and management fee.

A: It will depend whether if you have a permanent citizenship in Japan or not. If you do, yes, getting mortgage in Japan is possible. If not, the only option is to get a mortgage in your country.

Can we get a mortgage to purchase a house in Japan?


A: When the seller is an individual, they will not have to take responsibility against warranty of defect. When the seller is real estate agent, they will have to take responsibility for 2 years. There will be exceptions.

What is the difference between real estate which the seller has defect liability or not? 



Where can I get the form of affidavit?

A: You can get the form of affidavit at the notary office in your country.

Can you send us Contract and Important Matter document by airmail?


A: No, we cannot send you the 2 documents by airmail since they are very important documents to prove that you are the new owner of the house. We will hand you the documents directly.

Why do some house mention that they are not contacted to street even though there is a street in front of the house? 


A: In those cases, the front street is not registered as a street by the Building Standard Act.

A: You can connect by network or telephone call. Most services will only be in Japanese, so we will help you. 


After purchasing a house, how can I connect water, gas, and electricity?


After purchasing apartment, will I be able to make 1 year advance payment of management and maintenance fee? 

A: Basically, all management company will withdraw the fees from Japanese bank account every month. We will help you with negotiation, but if the management company does not approve, you will need to create account in Japan or ask Japanese acquaintance to stand in between.

A: Yes, it is common for Japanese apartment to not have auto lock. 

Is it common for apartment to not have auto lock?


A: This is decided by Building Standards Law in Japan. There are 3 conditions for land to become "non-rebuilt land": land is not adjacent to registered street, the front street does not have 4 meter width, or over 2 meter of land is not adjacent to registered street.  

Please know that this only mean that constructing newly built house is not possible. Renovation will be possible. 

Advantage will be that real estate appraisal value will be low. This makes the real estate price reasonable for customers to purchase. Also, the real estate tax and acquisition tax will be lower compared to others.

Disadvantage will be that purchaser will not be able to get mortgage to purchase the real estate. This is the same when selling to next prospective purchaser.


I often see the phrase "non-rebuilt land", but how is this decided? Any advantage? disadvantage?


Is applying for license required for monthly and annual rental?

A: No, there is no license required for monthly and annual rental. License is required for accommodation (also weekly rental) only. Basically, all properties are allowed to become rental property.

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