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Keihan Main Line, Kiyomizu Gojo Station, 6 minute walk

Subway Karasuma Line, Gojo Station, 8 minute walk

March, 1964





The house has changed fully in April, 2016. It has been demolished, only leaving the base and the pillar,and turned into a machiya style house. 


We recommend the house to those who are coming to Kyoto for several month stay. No need to prepare anything since everything is already there for you to spend a comfortable time. Tableware, cooking utensil, electric kettle, and microwave in the kitchen. Sofa, magazine rack, dining table, and chair in the dining room. Low table, television, and futon (Japanese bedding mat) in Japanese tatami room. Washing machine in the washroom. 

The house stands in a convenient location. Only 8 minute walk from Gojo station, which is a station next to Kyoto station. You can even take a long walk from Kyoto station (20~25 minute). Supermarket and convenience store is nearby so  the location is convenient for shopping as well.

If you are interested in spending a wonderful time in Kyoto, please feel free to contact us.


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