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About Insight House

Q.1  When is your office hour and days?

A. Our office is open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Office is closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and also during long vacations. For long vacation information, please have a look at "What's New?" on our top page.

Q.2  Do you prepare all services in English?

A. We prepare all services in English, except for contract documents. Contract documents are prepared in Japanese ONLY. 

We ask for third party to interpret during contract signing so act of injustice can be prevented. Insight House can help you hire an interpreter.

Q.3  How good is your English service?

A. Insight House has English speaking staff, who speaks English fluently. We have confidence that we can give you the best English service than any other real estate agencies.

Q.4  What services do you provide?

A. We basically provide all services you can think of. Insight House can help you with purchase, sell, accommodation, construction, renovation, and services after purchasing real estate. 

Please inquiry us for details.

About Insight House

Purchasing Process

Q.1  What items and fees are required for foreigners to purchase real estate in Japan?

A. Please have a look at "Requiring Items and Fees".

Q.2  What processes are required?

A. Send inquiry → Property Viewing → Turning in Application Form → Contract Signing → Closing (Handover)

Please have a look at "Purchasing Process".

Q.3  Do purchaser need to visit Japan to purchase real estate?

A. Yes, purchaser will have to visit Kyoto for property viewing, contract signing, and closing. If you want to view the property several times before purchasing, we can arrange video/skype property viewing. Please feel free to consult.

Q.4  Is there a way we can contact you besides via email?

A. Yes, we provide several options you can choose to contact us: Email, Phone, Line, Whatsapp, and Skype.

Usually first contact will be by contact form, email, and phone.

Q.5  Do we have to make an appointment before visiting your office?

A. It will be better for you to make an appointment. Usually, English speaking staff is in the office all day, but there can be times when the staff is absent. To make sure we do not waste your time coming to the office, please contact us beforehand.

Q.6  Could we view property on the day we inquiry?

A. It will depend on the property and the seller. It might be possible if the property is vacant, but we need to receive the keys so we would appreciate you if you inquiry the viewing property and date beforehand.

Q.7  Where can we issue affidavit?

A. You can issue affidavit at notary office in your country.

Purchasing Process


Q.1  Do you provide renovation services in English?

A. Yes, we do. The staffs from construction division cannot speak English, but English speaking staff from real estate division will assist you through the renovation work. You will have the same staff helping you from purchase inquiry to renovation so all the process will proceed smoothly.


After Service

Q.1  Could you help us with renovation or management of the house/apartment we already own?

A. Yes, Insight House can help with renovation and management, even if that property is not purchased through us.

Q.2  After purchasing property, how can we connect water, gas, and electricity?

A. You can connect by either telephone call or internet. Most companies only provide services in Japanese so we will help you with that.

Q.3  Will you help us pay the annual real estate tax?

A. You can connect by either telephone call or internet. Most companies only provide services in Japanese so we will help you with that.

After Service


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