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After service for each needs...

Insight House will support you after purchasing real estate. We can help you in different ways. Please inquiry us for detailed information.

  Second House Management

Insight House will look after your house or apartment while you are away from Japan. Please inquiry if you are interested.

  Accommodation Business (Guest House & Hotel)

Insight House group has accommodation company to help you start a new business. We can support you through all the process:

Property SearchPurchaseRenovationApplying for LicenseStart BusinessAccommodation Management


Japan (especially Kyoto) has strict regulations regarding accommodation business. Please inquiry to find out more about the regulations.

  Annual & Monthly Rental

Insight House has management division to support you after purchasing investment property. We will find tenant and manage the property for you. 

As for the monthly rental, Insight House does not offer the service, but we have a cooperation company to support you after purchase. They will be able to communicate in English.


Insight House has construction division to support you with both construction and renovation. We have experience in building new houses, and renovating existing houses & apartments. English speaking staff will support you through the construction/renovation process as well.

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