What restrictions are there

for starting accommodation business?

To start accommodation business, you will have to apply for hotel license. 

Below are only few restrictions for your reference. Please note that there are many more detailed restrictions regarding accommodation business.

Building Standards Act

【Land Use District】

Land use districts are categorized into 3 types in Japan: Residential, Commercial, and Industrial.

The 3 types are further divided into 13 different categorizes.

The 13 land use districts each have regulations under City Planning Act. Types of building you can built and usage in each districts differ. Therefor, accommodation business will be allowed in some area, but not in others.

Allowed Use Districts:

     ・Category 1 Residential Zone

     ・Category 2 Residential Zone

     ・Quasi-Residential Zone

     ・Commercial Zone

     ・Neighborhood Commercial Zone

     ・Semi-Industrial Zone

Non-allowed Use Districts:

     ・Category 1 Exclusive Low Rise Residential Zone

     ・Category 2 Exclusive Low Rise Residential Zone

     ・Category 1 Exclusive High and Medium Rise Residential Zone

     ・Category 2 Exclusive High and Medium Rise Residential Zone

     ・Rural Residential Zone

     ・Industrial Zone

     ・Exclusive industrial zone

【Non-rebuilt Land】

In Japan, there are properties that cannot be rebuilt under the Building Standards Act.

These properties are called "再建築不可 (Saikenchiku Fuka)" in Japanese.

License will not be issued to properties that are built on non-rebuilt land.

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Hotel Business Act

【Types of Business】

-Inn and Hotel Operation

     Operation, where a facility is established, and accommodates it to a person for a fee excluding simple lodging operation and boarding house operation

-Common Lodging House Operation

     Operation, where a facility mainly consisting of Japanese style structure and equipment is established, and accommodates it to a person for a fee.

-Boarding House Operation

     Operation, where a facility is established, and accommodates it to a person for a fee on a monthly basis.

【Business License】

Permission is required from prefecture government (or mayor in some cases) to receive license to run accommodation business.

The property for accommodation needs to meet requirements of standards below.

     ・Building Standards Act

     ・Structure and Facility Standards

     ・Hygiene Standards (ventilation, lighting, moisture proof, cleanliness, etc.)

     ・Fire Services Act

     ・Waste Management Law

【Property Manager】

① Required to have full-time manager stationed within 800 meters radius of the property, or

② Required to have full-time manager stationed inside property (need to create front/reception desk).

① or ② will depend on the property size and condition.

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