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Maison Otowa 380 million yen

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Iwakura Kitahiraokacho, Sakyo-ku 57.8 million yen


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The house was built in October 2000. It has 2 bedrooms in the first floor, and 2 storage room in the second floor, which can be used as a bedroom.


Iwakura Kitahiraokacho,


2016_10_03_ 91.jpg

Renovated as a guesthouse in April 2016 and has being operating ever since. The house is located in 4 minute walking distance from Subway Gojo Station.


Izumicho, Shimogyo-ku Guesthouse


Investment property with 37 rooms out of 44 rooms occupied. Please inquiry us if you are interested in owning investment property in Kyoto.


Maison Otowa

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